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Through the customer centric approach, Aravind becomes the number one brand in Cochin for customized Belgium cut Diamond and Gold jewellery.


The word diamond itself has some very special meaning in every one's life specially women. It is said that a diamond is the best friend of a women and no doubt women have been always fascinated by diamonds and their sparkle. It is the ultimate gift you can give to a women a part form love of course.

What makes the diamonds worth so much?

Diamonds are judged by the ā€œ4 Csā€ i.e. colour, clarity, carat weight and cut.

Colour: When diamonds form, small amounts of minerals get inside them. This changes their colour. Colourless stones are very desirable. Yellowish or brownish ones are not.

Clarity: Can you see flaws in the diamond? A diamond with great clarity has no visible flaws. The clearer a stone is, the greater its value.

Carat weight: The heavier a diamond is the better. Because large, heavy diamonds are less common, they are more valuable. A diamond that weighs two carats or more is usually considered large.

Cut: Diamond cutters decide on the shape and proportion of a stone. An attractive cut makes a diamond more desirable.